Bespoke Networking in Manufacturing

Manufacturing environments often require 24/7 support for their activities, with machinery needing a constant internet connection to maintain production levels. Unexpected downtime can result in loss of productivity and sale, and in extreme cases, can cause major disruption to the supply chain.

EdgeConnect's dedicated solutions are on hand to grant reliable internet connectivity that can stand up to the intensive needs of the manufacturing sector.

Whether you require full fibre or a backup solution as part of your business continuity plan, we can offer a range of services to meet the demands of your workload.

Features and Benefits

Mission critical connectivity acts as an enabler for Industry 4.0 IoT deployments.

Can be deployed as a multi-site solution to connect remote or interim manufacturing facilities.

Inline security systems can identify and mitigate threats before they hit your network.

Durable hardware can be supplied in multiple form factors, from desktop, rack mounted or custom enclosures to fit your requirements.


Industry 4.0 refers to the soon-to-take-place fourth Industrial Revolution, which will see the widespread implementation of automation and data exchange processes to streamline aspects of production, particularly within the manufacturing industry. A secure, reliable wireless connection will be crucial to ‘keep up with the times,’ and boost productivity going forward.
Yes we can, the Outpost can support a number of different technologies for your IoT projects including, LoRa, Private LTE and many more.
Absolutely, our Hybrid Backup solution can support any existing connection or lease line in a number of different ways to ensure maximum up time.