Custom Internet & Networking Solutions

At EdgeConnect, adaptability comes first. If your requirements fall outside of the capabilities of one of our three Hybrid plans, don't fear; we will always do our best to accommodate your project needs and deliver the best connectivity solutions possible, through the best technology available. Fortunately, we can offer a high level of customisation to deliver a solution suitable for you.

Built Inhouse

All of our hardware is built inhouse, meaning we have full control over customisation options to accommodate your requirements. For example, our Outpost router can be built with an anti-microbial coating for healthcare settings or a reinforced casing for mobile applications. We are proud of our full-service offering – our team are more than happy to discuss your unique project requirements, and how we can meet your expectations. Whether you require mobile, full fibre or a combination of the two, we can help! Simply get in contact with our technical team.


Absolutely, we have versions of the Outpost mounted in vans acting as “mobile offices”.
As we design and build all our hardware in house, there are many ways we can help. Please just get in touch to discuss your needs.