Custom Internet Solutions in Education

Over recent years the education sector has faced some serious challenges, with the global pandemic highlighting the importance of online learning capabilities for students of all ages. With nearly 2 years of 'home-schooling' affecting children from primary school-age through to those studying in further education, a greater emphasis than ever has been placed upon the need to access educational materials and other online resources.

In order to provide a streamlined approach to the new hybrid model of learning, robust internet connectivity is required.

The transfer of copious amounts of data can put huge strains on network infrastructures, whilst loss of service can cause massive disruption to learning plans. Thankfully, our education focused internet connectivity solutions are on hand to help, and are equipped to deal with the stress and strains of the education sector, from the live streaming of lessons or lectures to the transfer of pre-recorded media formats. Our school and university connectivity solutions are incredibly versatile, making them the perfect solution for the fast-moving world of education. Our infrastructure can support large amounts of data transfer between multiple users, minimising any potential disruption to learning. We build security into every service we manage, and as an IWF member, we can advise and implement best practice controls.

Features and Benefits

Our built-in web filtering solution protects staff and students from inappropriate content.

Our connectivity solutions are available pre-supplied with a firewall specified by customer.

Our school connectivity solutions can be supplied as a combined fibre solution with cellular backup or as a backup to an existing line.

We can combine with a Wi-Fi installation for a fully managed, end-to-end solution for your institution.


We can support as many users as required.
The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) is dedicated to ending online child sexual abuse through the identification and removal of inappropriate online content. Our membership supports their activities, but also ensures we can filter out this content.
Very. We connect into all of our partner networks through dedicated secured links to ensure your data can’t be intercepted at any point.
Yes, all of our ethernet leased lines are dedicated fibre connections with no contention.