Bespoke Networking in Health & Social Care

The Health and Social Care sector deals with millions of people every day, a task which requires a secure and robust internet connection. Despite the varied requirements of the Health and Social Care sector, workflow in these institutions remains vital, as any loss of connectivity can cause serious issues.

For care in both onsite and in-home applications, robust and secure connectivity is vital to ensure proper patient care is delivered.

Our hybrid connectivity solutions are ideal to support virtual ward and reablement scenarios, as well as providing primary and backup internet access for rural and urban healthcare settings. We provide connectivity solutions that support business critical functions ensuring minimal downtime due to a loss of connection. Our solutions are fully adaptable, making them ideal for various health and social care applications, whether on a hospital site or an in-home reablement.

Features and Benefits

Our flexible solutions can be deployed in-home to support digital care plans for vulnerable patients.

We can offer rapid setup, facilitating urgent pop-up mobile doctors’ clinics such as COVID-19 vaccination centres and rural surgeries.

Our robust hardware can be supplied with antimicrobial powdercoat finish to reduce the spread of bacteria.

When installed as a backup service, our resilient solutions ensure loss of primary connectivity does not compromise patient care.


Yes, our high bandwidth connections can support high definition video calling.
Yes, any IP based personal care systems are easily supported.