EV Charging Infrastructure Solutions

Increase your charging revenue, reduce operational costs and maximise profit with the ultimate internet connectivity solution.

The smart chargers of today are capable of much more than just delivering charge to a vehicle.

Virtually all of their functionality depends on a reliable internet connection - it is therefore no surprise that the most common reason a charger doesn’t generate revenue is an internet connectivity fault.

A Network-Centric Solution

We are experts in providing an internet connection that is robust and reliable. Our approach doesn’t rely on single SIM routers where the connection is only as good as the carrier service is. We use multiple technologies to create a connection that will work literally anywhere, for maximum reliability.

We provide a fully managed solution as standard, which means you have a completely dedicated tech support team and engineers on hand to help with the daily running of your connection. 24hr monitoring means we have full visibility of all your connections, and can quickly identify and remedy any issues that may arise. With no upfront hardware costs and a simple rental, our solution is cost-effective and keeps your capital expenditure to a minimum.

Securing your infrastructure

It’s vital that a smart charger project is properly secured to provide protection from external attacks, malware and information theft, keeping your estate online and your customers’ privacy protected.  The weak point in IoT deployments is always the device itself – if charger vendors and SIM providers are not up-to-date with current vulnerabilities and security disclosures, your infrastructure could be exposed to unwanted downtime.

The Edge Infrastructure provides multi-layered security:

- All charging stations connect into a private network, ensuring no asset is exposed directly to the Internet

- Central firewalls protect all your devices

- Inline network scanning alerts to suspicious traffic before it can become a problem

- Projects can include connectivity to reporting and payment platforms over secure links to keep your entire estate hidden.

Our reliable internet connection will support all your smart EV charger functionality

A reliable connection is the backbone supporting all your digital functions, so it is important to choose a specialist internet service provider you can trust. At Edge, we are experts in all things connectivity, and our robust solutions will maximise uptime across your charging infrastructure.

Our custom hardware can be installed in new locations as well as retrofitted to your existing sites quickly, with very little disruption, ensuring the benefits are not just limited to new hardware and your estate can continue to meet customer demand. We can even support locations with non-existent connectivity, increasing the reach of your infrastructure.

How can I benefit from upgrading my EV charger’s internet connection?

Remote, proactive monitoring of connection with engineer support ensures maximum uptime and supports features such as:

- Contactless payments, from terminal to payment processor and providing a hotspot for app-based payments

- Remote diagnostics and predictive failure monitoring alerts you to the current status of your charging assets

- OTA firmware updates keep your chargers fully supported by vendors and save valuable engineering time

- Demand-based management and usage monitoring allows you to provide accurate forecasting to energy suppliers

- Managing the current occupancy interfaces with EV route planning software and apps to ensure your customers are not arriving at unavailable chargers

- Understanding the exact state of a charger gives you improved customer support in the event of contact

- Multiple technologies allow installation at remote and congested locations including rural and below-ground

- Single device supports an entire charger location

- Flexible, engineer installation into feeder pillar, station or charger

- Availability of your entire estates connectivity can be monitored through our dedicated web portal

Custom Solutions

More than a SIM card, more than a router, our technology can supply more than just connectivity to your chargers. Our fully inhouse, bespoke-built systems can support your ‘wish list’, such as:

- Enhanced environmental monitoring in feeder pillars and substations

- Wi-Fi hotspots for rural installations, where customers may not have 4G signals, also captures customer information for capacity planning and usage analysis

- Built-in 4K display connections can support dynamic advertisement boards


This is our speciality, our range of wireless technologies, including cellular and satellite, allow us to reach the most difficult locations.
The Outpost comes with a built in Firewall, or it can be specified with your choice of Firewall included.
Yes, our traffic management systems can prioritise SCADA information to ensure your mission critical data is always received.