Crisis Containment Internet Solutions

For all online businesses, cyber security has become a significant risk, and a worthwhile investment. The insurance sector has developed a portfolio of services designed to protect companies from revenue loss and reputation damage. In the event of a malicious network attack, our rapidly deployed, high-capacity connectivity services can provide total disaster recovery for business continuity.

In the event of a malicious network attack, the negative impact upon your business could be huge.

Any time spent combatting attacks is time wasted on business activities, whilst site outages could lead to missed business opportunities and negative repercussions for your business’s reputation. At EdgeConnect, we pride ourselves on our adaptability and speed of deployment. Our high-capacity backup internet services require little setup, and can have your company back online as soon as possible for total disaster recovery.

Features and Benefits

Connectivity can be brought live in new locations quickly.

Can provide a secondary internet connection to circumvent DDOS attacks.


The Outpost employs deep packet inspection to prevent malicious traffic from reaching your connection.
Typically within 48 hours, but in some situations 24 hours and even same day deployments.