Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

It will, yes. Our use of high-gain antennae and specialist installation engineers will get you a connection even where other solutions have failed.
It is possible to do this, yes, but our engineers select the best combination of cellular carriers at the point of installation so performance will vary should it be moved.
Hybrid Complete and Mobile are fully inclusive of data use. Hybrid Backup only charges for data when the backup connection is in use.
It is totally dependant on the performance of the connections we use. Hybrid Mobile can deliver anything from 20 to 400mbps while Hybrid Complete can go all the way to 10Gbps.
For mobile connections, performance is affected by obstructions and contention (i.e. how many other mobile users are in the area), although our network design and knowledge ensures regardless of these factors, the connection will be as good as it possibly can be.
We will test at the point of installation and find out! In general, both radio technologies will share the same “backhaul” (the connectivity from the mast itself) but the volume of users on each technology will likely be the biggest factor.
It uses satellites orbiting the earth to deliver connectivity to “base stations”. Geostationary satellite Internet travels further and gives relatively slow speeds and high latency but the latest Low Earth Orbit satellites can provide much higher speeds and lower latency, making them suitable to be used as one of our mobile connectivity options.
We have a number of tools at our disposal to understand how each method is likely to work in the target location.
Our model is simple: a one-off setup fee for our trained engineers to install the solution and a monthly rental fee.
While as much notice as possible is preferred to ensure you get your desired installation slot, we can typically turn connections around in less than 48 hours.