Event Internet Solutions

The events industry is hugely varied, with a vast range of requirements that must be adhered to ensure the event's success. The demand for portable internet connectivity and fast turnaround times, however, is ever present.

EdgeConnect's bespoke solutions for events provide customers with a reliable connection in any location, enabling easy event setup and preparing for visitors; we can support a range of systems with ease.

We understand that many events have strict timescales to adhere to, and significant costs can be incurred when deadlines are missed. Our event connectivity solutions are highly scalable and can support a high volume of activity, such as Point of Sales and Data Capture. We also provide a true ‘plug and play’ set up, which means we can have you up and running in no time.

Features and Benefits

Our connectivity solutions can be deployed in remote locations without existing infrastructure.

Our events connectivity solutions can support multiple complex activities with the same deployment, such as point-of-sale, high-volume visitor access and production team requirements

Enjoy real-time remote support and dedicated on-site engineers with our events solutions

Our system is supplied with integrated data capture for guest access or can be configured with third party solutions.

Our service packages can be supplied with a large footprint Wi-Fi network to support all your devices.


We can support anything from POS and card transaction systems right through to larger visitor Wi-Fi.
We can arrange out of hours cover if your event requires support.