Hybrid Backup Internet Solutions

For customers with an existing fibre connection, we offer a range of backup and failover Wi-Fi connectivity systems to help add an extra dimension of safety and security to you business operations.

Backup Systems

In many applications, such in as the manufacturing and engineering sectors, a constant internet connection is required to ensure that production levels are maintained and the supply chain is not disrupted. That’s where EdgeConnect comes in. Our Hybrid Backup connectivity plan provides a secondary internet connection, when business continuity is vital. The backup system remains on standby, in the event of a primary connection failure, the backup connection will come online to support all systems. We can integrate the backup with your existing systems with ease.

How does it work?

Like our Hybrid Mobile solution, our Hybrid Backup package utilises our industrial-grade router, the ‘Outpost.’ The Outpost uses four independent 4G and 5G modules to create a single durable superfast connection that you can rely on in the event of an outage. At EdgeConnect, we put adaptability first. Our hybrid internet solutions can be delivered via a range of methods, depending on which is best-suited to your situation. Where other ISPs may be bound to a single method of internet delivery, our flexibility enables us to provide the best backup available in the most efficient manner.

We use multiple technologies to achieve the best results:

5G, 4G and 3G cellular

Full Fibre (LFFN)

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC)/Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)

Low earth orbit satellite

Point-to-Point wireless


Hybrid Backup works in conjunction with your existing connection to seamlessly switch over in the event that your main connection fails
Our technology can support all internet providers.
Of course, our backup service is designed to activate in the event of your main connection failing.
The Outpost monitors the fibre line connection so that if it detects that the primary internet connection is no longer working it will take over.